PPA Cover

Frenzy Drama provides PPA cover for schools

Having drama as part of the school day is a great way for children to have the opportunity to access the arts and all of the benefits that they bring. We provide this service for students from nursery to year six.

We offer pupils the chance to take part in creative and interactive classes developing their performance skills and improving their confidence.

Role play enhances speaking and listening skills which, in turn, complement and improve curricular work. With different schemes of work, learning objectives for each key stage and progression within each level, our teachers make sure their classes are always learning something new. 

PPA cover provides lots of cross curricular opportunities whilst building the self esteem of the young people taking part.

Rewarding For Everyone

Our goal is to develop bright futures and to help schools raise standards through outstanding curriculum delivery, including all-important teacher release time.  

Flexible PPA Package:

Our flexible PPA package is designed to keep your pupils active and engaged while meeting the changing demands of today's Primary Schools. When two or more teachers need to collaborate over lesson plans, we can introduce extra specialists. We can tailor sessions to suit time and space available. With your schools' limited budget in mind, we can supply our fully qualified, DBS - checked practitioners at a very affordable investment. 


"I highly recommend Frenzy.  They provide us with a fantastic service every fortnight and the children absolutely love it."

Mrs R, Year 3 Primary School Teacher