PPA Cover

Frenzy Drama provides PPA cover for schools

Having drama as part of the school day is a great way for children to have the opportunity to access the arts and all of the benefits that they bring. We provide this service for students from nursery to year nine.

We are happy to work in partnership with teachers to develop drama PPA programmes which directly support literacy, geography and history topics through dramatic exploration. This will support your pupils in developing their creativity and self-expression. 

Our goal is to develop bright futures and to help schools raise standards through outstanding curriculum delivery, including all-important teacher release time.

Rewarding For Everyone

For you and your staff...

  • Stringent vetting and assessment during recruitment ensures the best fit Specialist 

  • Passionate Specialists provide curriculum delivery that is proven to 'wow' Ofsted and raise standards

  • Cost effective provision 

  • Assessments and lesson evaluations let you monitor pupil and class progress

  • Subject Specialists always plan and deliver subjects in line with the national curriculum

  • You gain superb new ideas to adopt in your own practise

For your children...

  • Inspiring role models: our subject enthusiasts radiate both vision and energy

  • Relationship building: we commit to providing the same specialist and have high retention rates

  • Memorable outcomes: pupils have immediate access to sensational learning experiences

  • Improved relationships: your pupils will develop important new skills, with the chance to explore new ways of relating to other children


Flexible PPA Package:

Our flexible PPA package is designed to keep your pupils active and engaged while meeting the changing demands of today's Primary Schools. When two or more teachers need to collaborate over lesson plans, we can introduce extra specialists. We can tailor sessions to suit time and space available. With your schools' limited budget in mind, we can supply our fully qualified, DBS - checked Specialists at a very affordable investment. 

"I highly recommend Frenzy.  They provide us with a fantastic service every fortnight and the children absolutely love it."

Mrs R, Year 3 Primary School Teacher

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