Drama Workshops

The Art Of Drama Workshop

A workshop that teaches youngsters the basic drama skills whilst having lots of fun.  Whilst under the guidance of a Frenzy workshop leader, children use stimuli to create dramatic pieces.  Through discussion of the stimuli, the children create their own stories and histories for characters, which become short scenes in group work.


Stimuli includes: art work, music, literature, video footage


Others available on request.  Workshops suitable for KS1, KS2 and KS3


Themed Workshop

Our themed workshops provide an imaginative and interactive experience that enables youngsters to understand and explore a theme/topic/idea.


Students learn in a fun environment using games and theatre techniques and skills to further develop their understanding.

Frenzy will work on any topic to design an imaginative and interactive experience that will be fun and enable students to understand a theme/topic/idea.  This could be a topic being explored in your Key Stage, year group or whole school. 


Frenzy can tailor make workshops for your needs - previous workshops have included WW2 and the Victorians. 


Why not teach your youngsters topics in a new creative way?


Workshops are suitable for KS1, KS2 and KS3


"Superb teaching and subject knowledge coupled with a clear and genuine 'love' of working with and engaging young creative people; made this entirely worthwhile and excellent value for money."

Nick Bayley, Director of Drama, Stowe