About Us

Frenzy Ethos

Our ethos is very simple:  

To enable young people to learn and explore through drama and play.

We believe that learning should be fun and we achieve this through the value of play by pretending, imagining and co-operating with others.  We enable young people to learn theatrical skills and express themselves in a safe and non-competitive environment.

The focus of our pre-school (Bees & Bunnies) and introductory youth theatre (Bears) sessions is on imagination rather than performance.

Our Youth Theatre classes work on one show per year.  Shows are devised by the group and then scripted by the class teacher, principal or head office.  Members choose the size of the role they would like and devise the character they would like to play.  When we prepare existing scripts for performance, it is done in a collaborative way, giving every member equal exposure on stage and give everyone the chance to shine.

Classes We Offer

Classes are typically split into age groups:

Bees (18 months-2.5 years)

Bunnies (2.5 years-5 years)

Bears (4-7 years)

8-12 Youth Theatre (8-12 years)

13-18 Youth Theatre (13-18 years)

Each class is differentiated to ensure that all activities are appropriate for each child's developmental stage.  However, age is just one factor and each Frenzy teacher will monitor each child's progress to ensure they are in the most appropriate class for them.

How It All Began

Hi everyone, I'm Kyle and I set up Frenzy Drama (then known as Frenzy Youth Theatre) in 2015.  I had worked in a few secondary schools teaching Drama and in various examining roles for exam boards.  I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of attention being given to individual and personal progress so I decided to embark on a new adventure.

I began Frenzy for 6 year olds and upwards with the ethos of learning and exploring through drama and play but it quickly became apparent there was a need for this in the younger years too which resulted in the introduction of our pre-school classes.

As class sizes began to grow, I began to take on staff and this then saw the first Frenzy Franchise in York in 2018.

Play is at the heart of everything we do at Frenzy.  It is at the front of our minds as write lesson plans, workshops and shows.

Join the Frenzy Family today and discover what we are all about!

"My daughter loves coming to frenzy drama, Kyle is a brilliant and encouraging teacher. Thank you"

Louise, Orli's Mummy