Frenzy Bees (Ages 18 months-2.5 years)

Frenzy Bees is our Drama and Discovery class for pre-schoolers aged 18 months-2.5 years.  The class is 40 minutes long and combines learning, play and music to allow children to imagine and explore.

Frenzy Bee classes focus children's enthusiasm and love of play by taking them on an exciting new adventure every week.

We explore each new theme using a combination of role play, imagination, music, movement, props, instruments and of course, bubbles!

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Frenzy Bunnies (Ages 2.5 years- 4 years)

Frenzy Bunnies is our Drama and Imaginative Play programme for pre-schoolers aged 2.5-4 years.  The class is 40 minutes long and combines learning and play to create unique weekly adventures.


At Frenzy Bunnies, we empower youngsters to use their imaginations on exciting adventures by transporting them to another world using original drama games, music and focused imaginative play.  We pretend, sing, role play and have lots of fun!  Each week there is a different world to explore using creative problem solving.  One week we might be trekking through the jungle to help Maria the Monkey find her mummy and the next going on a teddy bears picnic.  


Members are enabled to comfortably explore the world around them through the use of interactive story, song and improvisation.  The youngsters are guided through the stories creatively but their imagination helps to lead the way, making every session unique and individual.  


Whilst classes have lots of child-led elements, they still follow a structure so that the youngsters feel comfortable and relaxed.  The emphasis of Frenzy Bunnies is on imagination rather than performance.  Each session is action packed and carefully crafted to empower your little ones with confidence, creativity and co-operation.

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Frenzy Bears (Ages 4-7 Years)

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Frenzy Bears is our introductory youth theatre programme for ages 4-7.  Once youngsters start school, this is the perfect programme for them to play, learn drama skills and increase their confidence.

The youngsters work with more independence than our pre-school classes but the emphasis is still on imagination and play.  We start to introduce dramatic and performance skills such as hot seating and soundscaping.

Each class is fun filled and action packed with lots of games, speech work, devising and scripted work.  Youngsters are enabled to role play, practise improvisation and storytelling.


Every session has a theme such as Roald Dahl or Fairytales and all the games, skills, activities and theatre making are linked to that theme.  The lesson follows the same format every week so youngsters know what to expect.  

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"Kaitlyn has been going to these classes since she was 3 and I've had the pleasure of watching her confidence grow, imagination fire and creative juices flow. This is genuinely one of the best toddler classes I think that is out there - highly recommend!!"

Debbie, Kaitlyn's Mummy